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Federal Reserve Bank

Headquarters - Richmond, Virginia
Branch Facility – Charlotte, North Carolina
Branch Facility – Baltimore, Maryland<

Yamasaki first established its relationship with the Federal Reserve System when the firm was commissioned to signifi- cantly expand the size of the Detroit fa- cility. The sensitivity and success of the design and its apt approach to the site’s urban context predicated half a century of work to come.

The Richmond, Virginia Federal Reserve Bank anchors the downtown skyline with elegant grace as it soars to its twenty-six story height. Over the past ten years, Yamasaki has continually been involved, updating our original design to meet the new and changing demands of the financial industry. Security audits and enhancements, interior reconfigura- tions and renovations, ADA compliance adaptations, technology and information systems upgrades, and below grade expansions have been notable elements of this work.

The 1 million SF building is organized with all of the security and service func- tions contained within a base structure tucked into the sloping site. The project includes structured parking for 520 cars, trucking and vaulting facilities, security operations and major mechanical areas. Accommodations for future lateral expansion of these facilities have been designed into the project.

For Federal Reserve Bank System branch- es located in Charlotte and Baltimore, Yamasaki has led the efforts for newly designed air handling systems, technol- ogy and securities upgrades, improved cash processing centers, space plans and interior designs.